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5 New Things Happening this June

Here are 5 new exciting things that are happening at Candid this month.

  1. Two new sets are added for endless picture taking, we lit up one of our walls that is now friendly for group pictures.

  2. Which side are you on? Our new comic strip allows guests to stake their claims and express their personalities.

  3. Feeling angelic? Come check out our angel wings!

  4. We got new merch! Bring Candid everywhere with you with our new summer must-have bucket hats and crop tops.

  5. In-photographer is here to stay! Book a session with our talented photographer, Miss Corine Olarte! Check out her Instagram for some amazing pictures.

New merch are here for the summer at Charlotte Candid, Charlotte, NC.
Hot for the summer at Charlotte Candid

Thank you!

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