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5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting A Selfie Museum

Although the selfie museum is still an unfamiliar experience to many, the concept of the selfie has always been popular among everyone. It is the easier way to capture a moment of ourselves, and the selfie museum is meant to take your pictures to the next level. The idea of being at a photography set can be scary for some. But no worries! At Charlotte Candid, we are sharing 5 useful tips on how to make the best of your first or third selfie museum experience.

Utilize the props!
Charlotte Candid Selfie Museum

Not sure what to do with your hands?

Get creative with the props they have for you. Oftentimes, set designers tend to design a set with the overall guests’ experiences in mind. So some props are meant to be used with their designated set, it can only emphasize the creativity behind the sets. Think of it as adding a little “oomph” to your next picture.

Bring a change of clothes!
Charlotte Candid Selfie Museum

The selfie experience can last between 45 minutes to an hour, so to make the most of the money and the time, we recommend maximizing the experience by bringing a change of clothes. Different sets carry different vibes, whether it be punk rock, edgy, royalty, etc.

Here at Charlotte Candid, we actually have a pop-up changing station for our guests. Make sure to call ahead of time to see what the accommodation is before your booking.

Bring a friend to take your pictures or hiring a photographer!

Even though the word selfie is in the name, guests are welcome to be creative by taking portraits. So grab your friend as your camera person, and strike your best poses. Some places also have in-house photographers as add ons services. You can check out our talented photographer’s IG page here.

Arrive 15 minutes early or right on time!

If you can’t be on time, then be early. This is so important because it will give you time to use the restroom and go over rules prior to the experience. You don't want to waste your precious one-hour time slot!

Relax and have fun!
Charlotte Candid Selfie Museum

The most important tip of all is to relax and have fun. Get comfortable and let loose because you are in a safe space to express yourself. Forget about the pressure of being in front of the camera, and let yourself enjoy the experience.

Thank you for reading!

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