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Come See Our New Location in Mt Holly

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The anticipation is finally over, Charlotte Candid officially opened our new location in downtown Mt Holly. Located 20 minutes outside of Charlotte, our new location is proud to be a part of the downtown community. Charming boutiques, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, and breweries are all within walking distance. If you are looking to spend your day with everything nearby, definitely come check us out.

So... why a new location?

Charlotte Candid in Noda was our first brainchild that we have poured our heart and soul into, with many awesome sets and just minutes away from Noda. The only thing we wished was different was the size of the location. It was smaller in size, thus we are not able to expand more on our creativities with many of sets being so popular among guests.

The new Charlotte Candid location is 3x the size, yes you read that right!

That means 3 times the experience, 3 times the space for our guests to walk through and explore, and 3 times the fun.

We changed the amount of time available per session, instead of one hour, guests will now have 2 hours to explore.

We also added a refreshment booth for guests to recharge after their sessions. Snacks, candies, Pocky's, Japanese ramune soda, Japanese wafer ice creams, and souvenirs are now available for guests to purchase.

Our photography package is also available at this location. We are also open for large parties, perfect for birthdays or special occasions.

Thank you for reading!

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