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Corine Olarte or, joined our Charlotte Candid team in May. Originally hired as an attendant, we were so blown away by her work and style that we had to have her as our photographer. As fellow creators, we are always supporting our peers' crafts, and Corine's skills have greatly developed since we came across her portfolio. Her style is a mix of vibrant colors, captivating emotions, and dynamic movements. She is also flexible with her models, from bridal to graduation, outdoor or indoor.

Here are some awesome facts and things about Corine. And yes, you need to book with her ASAP!

Originally born in the Philipines and immigrated to the U.S when she was 8 years old. Raised in Charlotte, so she really has a strong love for Queen City.

Her photographer career started in 2017, as a Public Relations board member for her dance crew (Yes, she can dance like others). According to Corine, "the opportunity came out of nowhere like an unexpected blessing." She had a lot of opportunities to practice and eventually learned to enjoy it.

January 2021 marked her return to photography full-on! Upon graduation, there was a sense of displacement and photography became her aspiration.

Remember when we said she has evolved? Even Corine admitted that her editing skill has evolved. It went from following trendy editing with high shadow and "lots of blues" to honing a consistent style.

Her photography mentor is her uncle, which gave her the best advice of "Don't spend on anything you won't use." Master the minimal equipment as best as you can!

Not only did her photography and editing skills have evolved, but she also grew more as a person. She grew as a communicator and has more confidence in posing people. And that is important when you are working with someone who has not been in front of a professional lens before.

Corine makes it a point to best pose her model for who they are. She likes her clients to see her more as a photographer, but also as a friend. A friend that will hype you up to make you feel like a million bucks!

For your next visit to Charlotte Candid, be sure to add a session with Corine. Don't forget to like check out her IG, and shows her some support!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for an awesome announcement!

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