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What is a Selfie Museum?

Updated: May 30, 2021

The selfie, a form of individual expression through style, poses, and design has been popularized by smartphones and social media. And the selfie museum is an all-in-one studio of different set designs, specifically made for amazing Instagram-worthy pictures. At Charlotte Candid, we are always up to learn new things about our industry, here are some fun facts about all things selfie museums.

  1. The first “selfie exhibit” started as a popup called 29Rooms in New York City, meant to create an immersive art experience.

  2. Selfie Wrld is the first selfie museum franchise with locations in 20 states, from Nevada, South Carolina to Florida. So if you are looking for activities on your next trip, definitely check them out.

  3. Many selfie museums are only pop-ups that last for a few months. They also switch out their set designs for newer ones, depending on the trends and customers’ preferences.

  4. Despite being called museums, the selfie museums are far from traditional institutes. In fact, they are meant to be interactive exhibits that guests can take pictures with.

  5. In Asia, the selfie experience is taking to a whole new dimension, literally. At Art In Island, you will be immersed in 3D interactive experiences, from towering dinosaurs to climbing out of a painting.

Which fact did you find the most surprising?

For more reads on Selfie museum, check out our interview with Charlotte Candid creators’ story on how they got started. Want to make the most at your first visit to a selfie museum, check out our guide here!

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