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Where to Eat in Noda?

North Davidson, also called Noda by the locals, is one of the most visited spots in Charlotte. From colorful murals, lively bars, amazing entertainments, and quirky personalities, it is definitely a must-see whenever you visit. To top all of it off, Noda is also home to some delicious food bursting with flavors. If you are planning to visit Charlotte Candid and wanting to get food, here are some of our favorite places that you should check out.

La Sabor

Starting the list with one of our favorites street food restaurants, where you can choose from a big selection of tacos, burritos, carne asada fries, and our favorites, empanadas. They are these delicious pillowy fried pockets filled with meats or vegetables. Our favorites are the barbacoa & cheese, along with the chorizo & cheese. We always order ours with a side of chips and indulge in their unique selections of salsa.

Pho @Noda

Located across from our selfie museum is an amazing Vietnamese restaurant that brings comfort and flavor with every meal. Whether you are looking for a filling pho, vermicelli noodles with grilled meat, delicious banh mi, and much more. We enjoy having them as neighbors, especially since they are within walking distance and their service is amazing with very friendly staff. We love the atmosphere when dining in, especially the hand-painted murals done by a local UNC Charlotte alumni.


By far the go-to for Haberdish is their fried chicken. Pound for pound, Haberdish's fried chicken measures up to any other fried chicken in Charlotte. Of course, their recipe is a secret, but the crackling crispy skin is ASMR to the ears. Pair it with your favorite beer and pickles, and it might just become your favorite lunch spot. Not sure what to eat? Just a scroll through their website will definitely work up your appetite. If you like seeing the crowds, definitely ask for an outdoor table.

Oh My Soul

For our vegan friends, Oh My Soul will blow you away. By far, this is one of the cutest and most inviting restaurants we have ever been to. They are a locally owned vegan restaurant, the only one in Noda. They take pride in being health-conscious and environmentally friendly with their food. We enjoy their Impossible Burger and their Rustic Red Velvet dairy-free drink. Even if you are not vegan, you will still enjoy the food here, and feel free to bring your pups because it is very dog friendly (they even have a menu for your furry friends).

Cabo Fish Taco

Next on the list is definitely local's favorite, with so many selections of, you guessed it, tacos. There are the signature tacos that are classic but comes with unique twists. And if you are feeling adventurous, then try the various specialty tacos. Our favorites are the beer-battered shrimps, blackened mahi-mahi, and the carne asada tacos. Make sure to try their creamy and rich queso dip. Not feeling tacos? They also have a big selection of wraps and burritos (I'm hungry thinking about it).

The next time you are visiting Noda, make sure to check out our recommendations. Got other favorites? Share it in the comments for our local foodies. Until to next time!

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